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‘How long will I live’ and ‘what can I do about it’ are vital questions advisers can help answer.

Most people want advice on questions like ‘how long will I live’ and ‘what can I do about it’.

Advisers need special skills to help clients asking ‘how long will I live’ and ‘what I can do about it’.

Many different factors influence how long people will live. The Australian Life Tables give averages for each age group. However none of us is ‘average’ and personal differences are very important when giving personal advice. Each generation is living longer than the last. The Life Tables do not take full account of these changes in life expectancy or the personal nature of ageing.

Most people have no idea how long they might live. The starting point is someone’s current age. You could then refer to the Australian Life Tables but these are only averages and also fail to factor in ongoing improvements in mortality. They don't explain that the longer you live, the longer you're likely to live. Or that ageing is a personal journey.

Few people really understand how many factors influence their ageing and life expectancy. The starting point is your current age. The Australian Life Tables give average life expectancies but are not useful at a personal level - we are all different! Also, they do not allow for the trend for successive generations to be living linger and ageing better.

People can learn if they may live longer than average by answering questions on our free and sponsor-free website at www.mylongevity.com.au. They then need advice on how to incorporate what they have learnt into their longer term plans. Our online training will help you achieve this.

By completing a simple analysis on our free and sponsor-free website at www.mylongevity.com.au your clients learn more about their own life expectancy. Our goal is to assist you incorporate what they have learnt into your advice.

Your clients who visit our free and sponsor-free website at www.mylongevity.com.au learn about their own longevity outlook. Our aim is to assist you with building this new information into their plans for the future.

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